Tax Evasion

Offshore Basics

Offshore Basics

Since I brought STREBER Weekly (which is more bi-weekly right now) back, I have made better use of services such as Google Analytics to see how you find my little corner of the internet. There is a lot of good interaction going on in the comments as well as the…

Offshore Ecommerce

Today, I will touch on a number of concerns you may face if you are thinking about running an ecommerce business through an offshore company. Ecommerce here refers to the sale of goods and consumer services. Freelancing, consulting, and affiliate marketing comparable services (typically B2B) are not specifically included here….

Dark Side Part 2: Money Laundering

So you have evaded some taxes. Not exactly a cool crime, is it? Time to take it up a notch and move into money laundering. Have your tailor sew you a black-and-white striped body suit and start streching and warming up your ankle for some ball-dragging because you, my friend,…

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