March 2014

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How and Where to Start an Offshore Bank

Over the years, I have had dozens upon dozens clients inquire about forming their own bank. Over the years, the number of banks formed from these inquiries can be counted with the fingers on your two hands. The biggest misconception seems to be that forming an offshore bank is some…

Jurisdiction spotlight: Country of Curaçao

In this article — the sixth article in the Jurisdiction Spotlight series — I will be focusing on the Country of Curaçao. History Curaçao’s very early history is poorly recorded. By the time the first European settlers arrived, the island was inhabited by the Arawak people, a collection of indigenous Caribbean…

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On the Bitcoin

I am writing this post a few weeks in advance, so – who knows – maybe this whole post will be outdated by the time its scheduled publication date comes around. Update on the 6th of March 2014 – This whole article was written before the Mt Gox collapse. What…

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