September 2014

Deposit Insurance Fixation

This started around the time the Icelandic banks collapsed and Icesave was in the headlines. Then it died off and didn’t resurface until the Eurozone crisis. Now it’s one of the hippest phrases in offshore financing. In this post I will go through what it is, why it probably doesn’t…

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Bank Review: SEB (Estonia, Sweden)

Time for another one of these. Same format as last time: First impressions Fees Opening An Account Internet Banking Card Products Customer Service Account Management Other Services Final Notes A reminder, since some of you missed it before: Take particular note to that I will not be discussing the financial…

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Offshore service provider – Icaza Law

From now on, posts in this series will not contain the word review in the title. The previous posts were taken as recommendations by some readers, which caused some unfortunate controversy over specially SFM Offshore, whose service quality has degraded since my post on them. I had intended for the…

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