February 2016

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The Roles of OECD, FATF-GAFI, and Others

There are a handful of organizations that we talk about a lot in this industry. In this article, I will talk a bit about what they do and how or why they matter. OECD FATF-GAFI APGML CFATF-GAFIC EAG ESAAMLG GABAC GAFILAT GIABA MENAFATF MONEYVAL Egmont Group OECD The Organisation for…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Qatar

We are going to stay in the Middle East for a little bit longer to today take a look at Qatar, which has a land border with Saudi Arabia and is tucked between Bahrain and UAE (emirate of Abu Dhabi). Across the Persian Gulf is Iran. While it’s not a…

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Islamic Banking

This will be a short one and on a topic that’s not in line with what I usually write about. Introduction With many international financial centers having a large Muslim population, the concept of Islamic banking has come up for many who have researched bank account opening in for example…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Because many readers will read the UAE posts individually, much of the content will be the same or very similar. Abu Dhabi is a subnational entity – an emirate – of the United Arab Emirates (or more commonly UAE). Together with Dubai, it is one of two emirates that have…

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