March 2016

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Guatemala

Streber / the 31st of March 2016 Guatemala has most of everything one has come to expect from a Spanish-speaking tax haven in South America: territorial taxation, low taxation, secretive banking, and a very comfortable lifestyle. Guatemala has however suffered a problematic past which has left the country lagging behind…

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Territorial Taxation

This is going to be one of those articles that I start with a disclaimer about how irresponsible you would be to take my word as gospel. I talk about complex subjects on a high level, sweeping manner.  As always when discussing legal concepts across jurisdictions and even legal systems,…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Grenada

A tax haven that has fallen from its previous prime and glory, Grenada today is a husk of what it once was: a free-for-all for tax evaders and money launderers. Grenada is a former French (1649 – 1763) and British (1763 – 1974) colony. The young nation started its independence…

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What is AEOI? In very simple terms: jurisdiction sign the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) which dictate what information is to be shared and the MCAA (Mutual Competent Authority Agreement) which sets out the authority or authorities that will be responsible for handling the information. Ultimately, this leads to AEOI. Automatic…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Uruguay

Today, we return to the Americas and to one of my personal favourites: Uruguay. The instantly recognizable flag of Uruguay portrays the nine original (now 19) departments of the republic, and in the corner we find a Sol de Mayo (Sun of May), which represents the sun shining upon a…

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