November 2015

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands… IBC legislation? Check. Mobile bearer shares? Check. LLC legislation? Modern, responsive corporate registry? Check. Politically stable? Check. Low tax even for resident persons? Check. Tiny banking sector giving it an internationally low profile? Check. Mostly clean reputation? Check. Maritime services (yacht registration, flag of convenience)? Check. Interesting flag?…

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Offshore Web Hosting

What is offshore web hosting? First of all, offshore can mean a lot of different things. In the financial services context, it is usually in reference to secretive and/or low-tax jurisdictions with favourable laws for incorporation, trusts, and banking. Jurisdictions such as Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, Belize, and…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Northern Cyprus

This jurisdiction is only recognized by one other jurisdiction: Turkey, the nation that founded Northern Cyprus. Situation at the northern tip of Cyprus, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC for short) has been an eyesore to the EU since its inception. Although the Turkish invasion of Cyprus was justified…

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Behind The Scenes at a Bank

Let me warn you that this post will get technical. If reading about what goes on in the machinery of a bank doesn’t actually interest you, this particular article is not for you. This post is inspired by a couple of suggestions in comments and on the forums. To a…

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