November 2014

Jurisdiction Spotlight: Switzerland

Today, we will take a look at one of my personal favourites: Switzerland. Sitting at the heart of Europe, this fiercely neutral country hosts everything from stunning nature to several of the world’s largest international organisations to fine watchmaking to punctual and clean trains. The chocolate isn’t too bad either…

How Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements Work

For this blog post, I feel I need to reiterate that anything written on this blog (or the forum) is not tax advice or any other form of advice. Tax Treaties A tax treaty is a treaty between two (or more, but usually two) jurisdictions regarding matters relating to tax….

Jurisdiction Spotlight: Isle of Man

Today, we will continue our adventure across British Overseas Territories and – in this case – a British Crown Dependency, namely the Isle of Man. Tucked between the islands of Britain and Ireland in the middle of the Irish Sea, this little island has a lot to offer the international financial…

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