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A Month in the Life of

(A partly unfinished version of this article was initially published. I have amended this now.) This is an old request that I have been struggling with. I don’t like talking about myself for a number of reasons (privacy and compartmentalization of the Streber persona, worried it comes of self-aggrandizing, or…

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Offshore Basics

Offshore Basics

Since I brought STREBER Weekly (which is more bi-weekly right now) back, I have made better use of services such as Google Analytics to see how you find my little corner of the internet. There is a lot of good interaction going on in the comments as well as the…

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Free Trade Zones

For the sake of ease, I am going to bundle Free Trade Zones (FTZ), Free Zones (FZ), Free Ports (FPs), Free Economic Zone (FEZ), Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and other variations thereof into the term Free Trade Zone (FTZ). There are differences between them but none that is universal. This…

Offshore Ecommerce

Today, I will touch on a number of concerns you may face if you are thinking about running an ecommerce business through an offshore company. Ecommerce here refers to the sale of goods and consumer services. Freelancing, consulting, and affiliate marketing comparable services (typically B2B) are not specifically included here….

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Offshore Freelancing (Part 2)

This will be a continuation of a previous post, called Offshore Freelancing, and will also explore the topic of running an offshore business in general. In this post, I will address some points about jurisdictions and banking options for the offshore freelancer, whether it’s as a consultant, IT developer, project…

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Offshore Freelancing

Whether you are selling intangible, virtual goods or offering your services remotely or even in person, you may at some point have considered reducing tax, simplifying accounting, increasing your privacy, reduced liability, or for other reason move your freelancing to an offshore jurisdiction. Reducing Tax This is entirely dependent on…

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