May 2016

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Vacation Update

After a few days of turmoil, I have an update to share. Articles / Blog Posts In terms of written content, I am happy to report a complete recovery except for Jurisdiction Spotlight: Luxembourg. Out of over 150 articles, I am quite content re-writing one article. Thanks to two members…

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Dear readers, commentators, forum posters, and community members in general, I am taking a vacation for an undecided period of time. The degree of vacation is also undecided, in that I expect to not completely avoid this website and others like it. What happened? In November 2015, I moved the…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Luxembourg

We’re back in Europe, today taking a look at one of the least tax-haven-like tax havens: Luxembourg. Or, if you ask a local: Luxembourg (French), Luxemburg (in German), or Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourgish). Somewhere between Belgium, France, and Germany is this tiny nation of many languages, businesses, EU institutions, international organizations, and…

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What’s up in Myanmar?

When I scheduled this post, many months if not a year ago, Myanmar was not at all in the news the way it has been in recent times following the election. I aim to keep this blog apolitical, and I will not be going in-depth. Those expecting a treatise on…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: The Gambia

The government of Gambia has finally issued a statement. The Icommerce Registry is a scam. This article has been updated and removed of most content, so as to not continue conveying any sort of trust for the Icommerce Registry. ministry of justice press release companies The General Public is hereby…

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Flags of Convenience

Ahoy, skipper! Unless you are looking for brief, general information about which tax haven to register your freight ship or yacht in and how flags of convenience work, this probably isn’t going to be an interesting article to you. What is a Flag of Convenience? A flag of convenience (FOC)…

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