List of EMI and Digital Banks

Electronic Money Institutions (E-Money Institution, EMI) are a new era in banking with a focus on remote services, mobile apps, and streamlines, simple services. The most noteworthy examples are probably Paysera, LeuPay, and N26.

Most of these EMIs are riding on new EU/EEA regulations meant to increase competition in banking, which is why there practically aren’t any from outside this region that offer the same level of services with unique, individual bank accounts (IBAN with SEPA capability for rapid, low-cost EUR transfers within EU/EEA).

Many of these institutions do not hold banking licenses and a few are relying entirely on third-party licensing. Based on a forum thread, Online/Mobile Banks or Bank-like Payments Institutions, I have pieced together the list below. Many thanks to the contributors of the thread for making the list possible and helping keep it alive.

Nonetheless, no guarantees are made for the accuracy or validity of the information presented here.

EMI / Bank Jurisdiction Platform IBAN Card Card country License Platform Bank Restrictions Type
Anytime France All France Visa UK Unclear ? R. Raplhael & Sons EU/EEA (not all) All
Bred Espace France Web France No N/A Bank BRED BRED France? All
Bunq Netherlands Mobile Netherlands Maestro Netherlands Bank Own ? EU/EEA All
Deutsche Handelsbank Germany Web Germany No N/A Bank Sofort Own None Business
Hello Bank France Web France No N/A Bank BNP BNP France Personal
Holvi Finland All Germany MasterCard Germany E-money Wirecard BBVA EU/EEA Business
ImaginBank Spain All Spain Bank Caixa Bank Caixa Bank EU/EEA Personal
LeuPay Malta / Bulgaria All Malta MasterCard Bulgaria, others E-money Own Satabank None All
MisterTango Lithuania Web Lithuania No N/A E-money Own SEB None All
Monese Estonia Mobile UK domestic, aggregate IBAN Visa UK E-money Own Lloyds EU/EEA Personal
MoneyPlusCard Malta Web Malta No N/A E-money ? ? ? All
N26 Germany All Germany MasterCard Germany Bank Own Own EU/EEA (not all) Personal, sole trader
PayMix Malta Web Malta MasterCard Malta E-money Own ? None All
Paysera Lithuania All Lithuania Visa UK E-money Own SEB None All
Revolut UK Both UK domestic, aggregate IBAN MasterCard UK E-money ? ? EU/EEA Personal
Swirl Card Ireland Web Unclear MasterCard ? Unclear ? ? Ireland, UK Personal
Viabuy Germany Web Germany MasterCard Germany Unclear PPRO ? EU/EEA Personal
Worldcore Czech Republic Web Czech Republic MasterCard Gibraltar E-money Own ? None All
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