December 2015

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The Best Offshore Banks 2015

  Click here for Best Offshore Banks 2016.   It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when I crown the best offshore banks of the year. As usual, best in this context shouldn’t be taken to imply financial stability, regulatory stability, ease of account opening,…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Antigua and Barbuda

Our last stop for this year’s journey across offshore jurisdictions and tax havens will be Antigua and Barbuda. Sometimes considered a David to the Goliath that is the US over its WTO and online gambling spat, this jurisdiction holds a special place to many. Good or bad. While not exactly…

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Tax Residence

It is finally time to tackle this issue, which is the biggest source of confusion for the would-be, could-be, and often shouldn’t-be offshore entrepreneur. You Pay Tax Where You Live In its simplest terms, this is what it comes down to. Merely transferring your personal wealth to an offshore bank…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Comoros (Anjouan, Mwali)

Streber / the 10th of December 2015 One of the least reputable, most irresponsible jurisdictions in the world, the Comoros is often categorized together with Nauru as one of the two absolutely worst. Arguably, even TRNC is a more reputable jurisdiction than The Comoros. The difference is that The Comoros…

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Finding A Tax Adviser

Why You (Might) Need One “I’m afraid I can’t answer that. You need to speak to a tax adviser.” That is a common answer to questions asked in the blog comments and forums here, and elsewhere. There are a number of reasons why you get this answer. The most common…

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