Welcome! My name is not Streber and this is my website, STREBER Weekly.

I am an international financial service practitioner. Over the years, I have helped my clients with setting up structures for international business, asset protection, estate planning, corporate and tax planning, bank and other financial institution licensing, cross-border payments, and a lot more. I incorporate offshore companies, open (and sometimes manage) offshore bank accounts, establish trusts and foundations, and interact with service providers, branch organizations, and regulatory bodies.

This is combined with boots-on-the-ground research of jurisdiction, scouting facilities (offices, data centers, real estate property) and consultation on ecommerce, recruitment, AML, banking, risk management, and online payments/anti-fraud.

I use this website to share high-level insights into how this business works. The purpose of STREBER Weekly is to educate and inform in a generic manner, i.e. not to dig into the nitty-gritty details but instead focus on the larger picture of how things generally and typically work. I expect my readers to be critical and only use what I write as a starting point for research, discovery, and topics of discussion.

STREBER Weekly is updated every Thursday at midnight UTC. (Although right now, the blog is bi-weekly-ish.)


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STREBER Weekly is owned and operated by Streber Digital Publishing Limited. (But don’t worry; it’s still just one person running this show.) Streber Digital Publishing Limited is not authorized to offer or advertise any of the services mentioned on this website. (I cannot give any sort of personalized advice or render any services, or even advertise such activities. This website is just me telling you about things I experience and know, and which I think can be of interest for people to read.) No content on this website is intended as legal, financial, tax, or otherwise advice.


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If someone is using my content without attribution or with attribution in a commercial manner, they do so without permission. The sole exception to this has been International Man (Casey Research LLC), which has published some of my articles (often edited) with permission. As of September 2016, no permissions have been granted to anyone.

For your convenience, the following credit notice is recommended:

This article was written by Streber for STREBER Weekly (https://www.streber.org/) and republished in its entirety and without modifications on [date published on your website]. The original article can be found here [link to the original article] and was published under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

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