Offshore Ecommerce

Today, I will touch on a number of concerns you may face if you are thinking about running an ecommerce business through an offshore company. Ecommerce here refers to the sale of goods and consumer services. Freelancing, consulting, and affiliate marketing comparable services (typically B2B) are not specifically included here….

IBC Jurisdictions

IBC stands for International Business Company, originally from the International Business Companies Act of 1984 in the British Virgin Islands. It has since been copied – with slight variations – across a plethora of jurisdictions. #148814545 / In this post, I will quickly go through all IBC jurisdictions. If…

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Assessing the Reputability of Offshore Jurisdictions

Reputability is one of the most overlooked aspects when forming an offshore company and/or opening an offshore bank account. What good is an offshore company if no bank accepts the jurisdiction? What good is an offshore bank account if all wires in and out of the bank are subject to…

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