Online Payments

Offshore Ecommerce

Today, I will touch on a number of concerns you may face if you are thinking about running an ecommerce business through an offshore company. Ecommerce here refers to the sale of goods and consumer services. Freelancing, consulting, and affiliate marketing comparable services (typically B2B) are not specifically included here….

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On the Bitcoin

I am writing this post a few weeks in advance, so – who knows – maybe this whole post will be outdated by the time its scheduled publication date comes around. Update on the 6th of March 2014 – This whole article was written before the Mt Gox collapse. What…

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How to Accept Payments Anonymously

This is a question I get a lot from people wondering how to receive money  from their customers anonymously. The first thing I ask them is: From whom to want to hide your identity? There two categories here: Hiding from the customer. Hiding from the authorities. Let’s go through them…

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