Things You May Not Know About Your OSP

… And that you may find interesting. License and Regulation In order to form an offshore company, a local registered agent or trustee is required. You can (almost) always find a list of all licensed registered agents and trustees on the jurisdiction’s financial services commission’s (FSC) or financial intelligence unit’s…

International Banking Acts

Today I will go through International Banking Acts (IBAs) and weigh some pros against some cons. What are banking acts? A normal banking act is a jurisdiction’s bank regulation or bank law, which governs a the banks of that jurisdiction. It usually covers all banks and bank-like companies and financial…

How Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements Work

For this blog post, I feel I need to reiterate that anything written on this blog (or the forum) is not tax advice or any other form of advice. Tax Treaties A tax treaty is a treaty between two (or more, but usually two) jurisdictions regarding matters relating to tax….

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Offshore Freelancing (Part 2)

This will be a continuation of a previous post, called Offshore Freelancing, and will also explore the topic of running an offshore business in general. In this post, I will address some points about jurisdictions and banking options for the offshore freelancer, whether it’s as a consultant, IT developer, project…

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The Real Deal about Nominees

If you are reading this – congratulations! This post is likely going to save you thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds. And I’m not even selling you anything. I often come into contact with companies, usually run by a sole individual, which either through a sales pitch by the OSP…

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How and Where to Start an Offshore Bank

Over the years, I have had dozens upon dozens clients inquire about forming their own bank. Over the years, the number of banks formed from these inquiries can be counted with the fingers on your two hands. The biggest misconception seems to be that forming an offshore bank is some…

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How That Anonymous Prepaid Card You Have in Your Wallet Makes You A Target

After weeks of searching, you finally found a way to score a prepaid, reloadable Visa or MasterCard. Maybe it’s a Swiss TravelCash card, maybe it’s an FBME world card, maybe it’s one of those Polish card with an IBAN. Perhaps you found one that complies with basic international KYC regulations,…

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