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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Dubai (UAE)

Because many readers will read the UAE posts individually, much of the content will be the same or very similar. Dubai is a subnational entity – an emirate – of the United Arab Emirates (or more commonly UAE). Together with Abu Dhabi, it is one of two emirates that have…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Dominica

Welcome to 2016! We are starting to run out of Caribbean jurisdictions to inspect. Dominica is however is one you definitely cannot overlook. It has a lot in common with Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Kitts and Nevis, with its easy-going banking regulations and citizenship by investment programme. This is…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Antigua and Barbuda

Our last stop for this year’s journey across offshore jurisdictions and tax havens will be Antigua and Barbuda. Sometimes considered a David to the Goliath that is the US over its WTO and online gambling spat, this jurisdiction holds a special place to many. Good or bad. While not exactly…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Comoros (Anjouan, Mwali)

Streber / the 10th of December 2015 One of the least reputable, most irresponsible jurisdictions in the world, the Comoros is often categorized together with Nauru as one of the two absolutely worst. Arguably, even TRNC is a more reputable jurisdiction than The Comoros. The difference is that The Comoros…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands… IBC legislation? Check. Mobile bearer shares? Check. LLC legislation? Modern, responsive corporate registry? Check. Politically stable? Check. Low tax even for resident persons? Check. Tiny banking sector giving it an internationally low profile? Check. Mostly clean reputation? Check. Maritime services (yacht registration, flag of convenience)? Check. Interesting flag?…

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Jurisdiction Spotlight: Northern Cyprus

This jurisdiction is only recognized by one other jurisdiction: Turkey, the nation that founded Northern Cyprus. Situation at the northern tip of Cyprus, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC for short) has been an eyesore to the EU since its inception. Although the Turkish invasion of Cyprus was justified…

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