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Thanks to the Tiigrihüpe initiative following the fall of the Soviet Union, Estonia has quickly become the most modern of all former Soviet republics. Estonia and Singapore are on almost equal footing when it comes to e-government.

The 0% corporate tax on undistributed profits and highly modernized banks make it an attractive location for incorporation.

Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with Jurist24 for incorporations and – sometimes – bank account opening. While Estonia is full of law firms that perform incorporation services, out of the dozen or so firms contacted, Jurist24 has been the most responsive and also had the most attractive and transparent pricing.

In this post, we will be taking a closer look at Jurist24, which is the trading name of Baltic Independent OÜ.


Jurist24 provides incorporation of private limited companies, called osaühing, and related services, such as:

  • Registered address
  • Accounting
  • VAT reporting
  • Annual filing
  • Representation in court
  • Bank account

Jurist24’s prices are highly competitive. Discounts are available for accounting and registered address if paid annually.

Everything can be done remotely, including opening of bank account with any bank in Estonia.

All-in-all, a company will cost you around 700 EUR for the first year (upwards of 1,000 EUR if done remotely, since you need a Power of Attorney and also factor in apostille costs) and at least 600 EUR annually, depending on complexity of accounting.

Due Diligence

Time to look closer at the company itself.


We head over to, which is the central registry for .ee domains and perform a whois:

Status	 Paid and in zone
Registered	 04.07.2010 07:31:36
Changed	 02.09.2010 17:29:09
Expiry	 31.08.2016
DNSSEC	Unsigned
Registrar	 Zone Media OÜ
Registrant	 OÜ Baltic Independent group
Administrative Contact	 Natalja Larsson
Technical Contact	 Holmet Pluss LLC
Larsson Natalja

Since this is a relatively small operation, I have removed email addresses from above. You can find them yourself by visiting

The address of the registrants of .ee domains is not public, which means we cannot match it to the website information, but we do get a name: Natalja Larsson, who is the Head of Jurist24 law offices according to news posts on the website:


Company information

We head over to the Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus (RIK), the Estonian commercial registry.

Here we find Baltic Independent Group OÜ registered with company number 11581164.


The link to takes us to the Jurist24 website.

Going further, we can see that the company does not owe any outstanding tax.


Going one step further, we can see the commercial register card for the company:


Estonia should be commended for its excellent public records, ease of use, and the fact that nearly everything is available in English. This is a sign of a country which has embraced technology.

Further information about the company is available for between 1 and 3 EUR. If you are curious, go ahead and purchase these records. I see no doubt that the company exists, is in good standing, and that it is run by a lawyer named Natalja Larsson.


If you are looking to form a company in Estonia, Jurist24 does a very good job. Not all company formation service providers in Estonia will let you do it remotely, which is one thing that sets Jurist24 apart.

Natalja Larsson and her team have provided excellent services on a number on occasions, all at an attractive price point to boot.

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